The ENVIRONMENT has been organized according to the most recent ergonomic concepts in order to facilitate the task for the operators and to make the patient's permanence as relaxing as possible.


RECEPTION, OPERATING ZONES, X-RAY ROOM, PRIVATE STUDIO are linked using a specific computerized program that allows rationalization of administrative and clinical activity. There are three OPERATING ZONES equipped with the most technologically valid equipments that are periodically renewed so that the operators can always be at the forefront. Each dental unit is equipped with an intraoral camera that makes every clinical communication with the patient more effective.

Particular attention is paid to the sterilization of the instruments,

obtained using two last-generation sterilizers and practicing the stricter protocols that provide for identification on the sterilization date envelope for each instrument so that it can be sterilized at expiration date if not used. As far as patient protection is concerned, all three operating zones are equipped with a
mechanism that disinfects liquids in internal circuit, activated when external equipment disinfection is performed at each patient change.

Operating environments are disinfected with special care using the latest protocols to prevent the transmission of any pathology between one patient and another.
Obviously there are all the tools that allow high sophistication therapies: operating microscopy, enlarged vision equipment, computer-assisted painless anaesthesia equipment, diode laser equipment, electrosurgery, electromyograph, photopolymerizing lamps, professional bleaching lamp. Finally, the choice of consumables, implant systems and dental laboratories is never influenced by considerations of economic savings, but by the search for the best quality.

Achievement of clinical excellence and absolute protection of the patient are the priority objectives that the Santoro dental practice team seeks for.
Besides adults, our younger patients find themselves unexpectedly comfortable in an environment that has so many surprises and attentions for them: cartoons, comics, books, everything you need to colour and small prizes to be deserved after tough treatments.